Commercial Management encompasses a vast array of business sectors where the methods, practices and knowledge in each sector may differ substantially from one another. Accordingly, the Course modules have been developed to the latest knowledge in the relevant areas of Commercial Management. The aim of the Course is to deliver effective skills needed for understanding and practicing Commercial Management in any relevant field. Participants are advised to select the Modules which are relevant to the fields of their interests. We have indicated the relevant fields within brackets against each Module as a guidance to students but students have complete discretion in selecting the right Modules pertaining to their careers. A participant must complete a minimum of five Modules to complete the course. However, students may take additional Modules on their own discretion.


Learning modules for Commercial Management should be selected with due understanding of the particular requirement of the participant. For instance, the modules selected by a person who is employed in the construction sector is different from another who is involved in the trading sector.
Participants who are interested in enrolling into this course must read and understand the Guide Example below.


As an example, consider a participant already having a qualification in Civil Engineering, who wishes to be employed in a construction company as a Commercial Manager, would select following Modules:
⦁ Module 1: Contract and Procurement Principles (Compulsory for all fields).
⦁ Module 3: Quantity Take-off, Rate build-up & Estimation (Civil Engineering and Construction),
⦁ Module 4: Business Management (All Fields),
⦁ Module 5: Tendering (Civil Engineering, Construction and Procurement),
⦁ Module 6: Contract Administration & Forms of Contract including FIDIC (Civil Engineering and Construction).


The program consists of thirteen modules where Module 1 is compulsory for all fields. To complete the course, participants must complete at least five modules.
⦁ Module 1: Contract and Procurement Principles (Compulsory for all fields),
⦁ Module 2: Construction Technology (Civil Engineering and Construction),
⦁ Module 3: Quantity Take-off, Rate build-up & Estimation (Civil Engineering and Construction),
⦁ Module 4: Business Management (All Fields),
⦁ Module 5: Tendering (Civil Engineering, Construction and Procurement),
⦁ Module 6: Contract Administration & Forms of Contract including FIDIC (Civil Engineering and Construction),
⦁ Module 7: Hospitality Management (Tourism, Hospitality industries),
⦁ Module 8: International Business (International Trade, Export and Import),
⦁ Module 9: Marketing (Marketing, Sales, Business, Manufacturing, Import, Export, International Trade),
⦁ Module 10: Purchasing and Supply Management (Procurement, Purchasing, Supply, International Trade),
⦁ Module 11: Retail Management (Procurement, Purchasing, Supply, Marketing, Sales),
⦁ Module 12: Tourism (Tourism, Hospitality industries),
⦁ Module 13: Logistics Management (Procurement, Purchasing, Supply, Import, Export, International Trade, Hospitality industries).


There is no prescribed duration of the Course. However, Two hours per day study will normally complete the Course in 3 months. However, the duration is directly depend on the time spent and effort given to studies.


⦁ Slide presentations
⦁ Viewing Videos
⦁ Question & Answer sessions
⦁ Working assignments on real life problems
⦁ Case Studies,
⦁ Project Assignments
⦁ Test paper after each module
⦁ Study material
⦁ Text Books / Extracts
⦁ Discussion forum


Course participants are assessed on their performance in the,
⦁ Questions & Tests in Modules-30%,
⦁ Case Studies-10%,
⦁ Assignments-10%,
⦁ Course Work-15%,
⦁ Reports & Essays-8%,
⦁ Discussion Forum-5%,
⦁ Innovative ideas-7%,
⦁ Final Examination-15%.


⦁ Credit Pass in English in IGCSE, and
⦁ IGCSE or similar with 6 subjects including mathematics, and
⦁ An Engineering, or Quantity Surveying, or Law, or Business Qualification, or
⦁ 3 years experience as an Engineer, or a Quantity Surveyor, or a Lawyer, or a Business Manager, or
⦁ 5 years experience in an Engineering office, or a Law office, or a business office, or
⦁ 4 years experience in a managerial, or supervisory level in Construction, or Legal work, or business.
Shown above are the minimum requirements to follow this Course. However, a Bachelors Degree will be desirable to follow the course at ease. Those who have differing qualifications and experience shall write to, registrar@academed.org, for exemptions or clearing any doubts prior to applying.


A diverse range of individuals have been benefited from the Course. Among them were;
⦁ Engineers,
⦁ Project Managers,
⦁ Construction Managers,
⦁ Quantity Surveyors,
⦁ Contract Managers,
⦁ Commercial Managers,
⦁ Procurement Managers,
⦁ Managers in various businesses,
⦁ Lawyers,
⦁ Employees in businesses, industries and construction.


⦁ Presentations.
⦁ Course Notes.
⦁ Course Work.
⦁ Case Studies.
⦁ Assignments.
⦁ Exercises from the Industry.
⦁ Videos for visual knowledge (where applicable).
⦁ Tutorials & corrected Answers.
⦁ Tests.
⦁ Discussions with other participants.
⦁ Final Exam.
⦁ Guide for consultation & guidance.
⦁ Relevant Books on the Subject in PDF form.
⦁ Transcripts.
⦁ Program Certificate printed in elegant parchment paper.
⦁ Recommendation letters to employers.
⦁ Free consultation for subject related queries for one year.
⦁ Enrollment into Academate Scheme.
⦁ Free Membership to the Academ-ED Association of Commercial Managers.
⦁ One year Free Subscription to ‘Commercial Manager” Magazine.


Diploma in Commercial Management.


This course has promotional discounts until July 31, 2021, for different payment options which are shown in Red below.

Registration Fee: $ 50.00.
Course Fee: $ 2,900.00 for five modules. Each extra module is $ 500.00

Payment Options & the Course Fee for five basic modules & extra modules.

Option 1: Single Payment of $ 2,800.00, saving $ 100.00, and each extra module is $ 450.00.
Pay discounted Fee of $ 1,680.00 and each extra module is $ 250.00.

Option 2: Three installments of $ 1,000.00 each. Each extra module shall be paid $ 450.00 in advance before taking the module. Pay three discounted installments of $ 610.00 each and each extra module is $ 250.00.

Option 3: Module based payments of $ 640.00 each including extra modules. Pay discounted Fee of $ 390.00 per module, and each extra module is $ 250.00.


Step – 1: Proceed to the Application for enrolment to this course,

Step – 2: If you have already submitted your Application and have received our email confirming the acceptance to the program, please proceed to the payment by selecting the desired payment option from above.

Upon receiving the confirmation of your payment from the payment processor, you will receive an email with a link to your course and the password.